Book Reviews: When We Wake, No Vulgar Hotel

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Fun sci-fi/dystopian YA! I had some quibbles with the worldbuilding (the hacking sequences are really silly and trite, and apparently in the future all teenagers are super-competent while most adults, especially those in positions of advanced leadership, are incompetent boobs) but the characters are likable and the story engaging.

Reading this book is very much like sitting still while somebody shows you their vacation slideshow. It’s in no way a useful guide to Venice, and even the most avid Judith Martin fans (of which I am one) are likely to find their attention wandering as she recounts the trials and tribulations she went through trying to sublet an apartment. There are certainly flashes of wit and humor, but I have to classify this book as “inessential,” at best.

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  • Nina Says:

    Oh, I’m disappointed that “No Vulgar Hotel” isn’t a better read. I guess I was hoping it would be something like “New York, Fair or No Fair”, which was meant as a travel guide, and was yet a wonderful read all by itself. But perhaps it benefited from the fact that it was describing a certain time as well as a place, both of which were of interest to me (New York City, 1939 World’s Fair.)

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