What’s for Dinner

This week’s veggie haul: chard, kale, a huge bulb of fennel, one large leek, some broccoli, two lemons, five oranges, and a pound and a half of potatoes.

Meal plan:

Tonight: braised chicken with swiss chard, tomatoes, and balsamic vinegar
Thursday: Frittata with leek and potatoes; salad with raw broccoli and maybe radishes or something, I don’t know
Friday: Goulash (Cook’s Country version—and thanks for the recipe, Friend Who Shall Remain Nameless To Protect Her from Christopher Kimball’s Army of Bow-Tied Lawyers!)
Saturday and Sunday I have plans until fairly late, so dinner will probably be leftovers or delivery
Monday: Pasta with fresh tomato sauce (featuring fennel and orange!)
Tuesday: kale (we like ours cooked with bacon) and some kind of meat, either pork chops or inexpensive steaks

The remaining oranges will be eaten as snacks and the lemons will get used up sooner or later I’m sure.

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  • Madeline Says:

    I love reading your weekly meal plans. They sound wonderful! And I’m jealous of all the food that’s in season where you are. I recently read _The Omnivore’s Dilemma_ and _Animal, Vegetable, Miracle_ and have become much more committed to local, seasonal eating. But Vermont is not as conducive to it as California…

  • shannon Says:

    I know, it’s just weirdly fascinating to check out what other people are eating!

    I read an interview with Alice Waters where she was asked how people who don’t live in California can do the locavore thing, and her answer was basically “greenhouses.”

    Oh! Here’s the interview: http://www.salon.com/mwt/feature/2007/10/26/alice_waters/index2.html

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