Ever Notice

How when two babies are in a restaurant or something, they’ll start calling to one another across the crowds? I call it “babysong” because it reminds me of whales sounding through the deep.

Robin’s vocabularly is expanding; he now has probably a dozen words that he says regularly. None of them are English and I’m not sure any of them have a fixed meaning, but they are syllabic patterns that he repeats frequently. Some examples:

    gi! (Yes, always with the exclamation point.)
    ma! (It’s not clear that he means this particularly as a way to get my attention, but I do always respond)
    dadada (For some reason “ma!” is short and urgent, but dadada is generally babbled at length.)

On the walking front, he now will regularly walk a few steps here and there; he must have done it five or six times today. But for going long distances he still crawls.

5 Responses to “Ever Notice”

  • Dawn Says:

    Whenever I had the two babies thing, they were both mine and they were shoving each other.

    Language is good though. Bea and Ryan were both practically silent at that age (OK, Ryan isn’t a fair comparison).

  • Nina Says:

    Today’s “A Softer World” is especially for him!

  • shannon Says:

    ha hah ha!

    I think I transliterated “wo-oh” wrong. It’s actually “waa-oo”.

    Up to the minute Robin EXCLUSIVE for people who read the comments: Robin can now stack one block on top of another!

  • Nanita Says:

    “Loobally” is a great word. Does it have a predictable or repeatable context?

  • shannon Says:

    It’s one of the ones that he generally repeats, so usually you don’t hear one “loobally,” but rather “loobally loobally loobally.” Also he seems to generally be happy/content when he says it.

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