We Like Baths Now

Breaking, breaking, this just in. Robin likes baths now!

As I posted earlier, Robin went through a very marked bath-phobia phase. He loved to splash in fountains, but just try and lower him into a bathtub and he would SCREAM like monsters were eating his toes. He was all right—barely—if we took him into the shower with us, but he’d just cling and look wide-eyed and unhappy until it was over.

I guess he just started getting better and better with the showers, until one day he was actually smiling and reaching out his hand to the fall of water. So that day I tried lowering him down to stand in the tub while I soaped him up. He found he really liked it; the next day we tried the same thing but let the tub fill up a bit; and by the third day we could just take a normal bath. Now he loves the bath! As soon as anyone starts running the faucet he will speed into the bathroom, pull himself up on the side of the tub, and start pointing inside while hooting urgently.

I still have no idea what the original problem was.

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