A Budding Gourmand

Oh hey, it’s been a while since I’ve updated. We spent most of last week traveling to Nevada to visit Robin’s great-grandma Elsie and The Anti-Sara. At the same time Sam’s parents were making their own way across California, visiting with various family members, so when we got back to San Francisco they were here to see us!

Robin handled the trip really well. He did get thoroughly sick of his car seat by the end of things, but he just loves being made a fuss of by rooms full of people. He also took really well to the Phillips family dogs, and they were very patient with him.

We ate in a lot of restaurants while we were traveling, and discovered that Robin is willing to be perfectly quiet for the whole meal so long as he gets to eat bits off our plates. As a result, he got to sample a wide range of solid foods, including scrambled eggs, rice, avocado, oranges (he looooves oranges), gravy, caramelized onions, tomatoes (both raw and processed into spaghetti sauce), soft bread, and other things I am forgetting now. He is a big fan. Especially of oranges.

Now we get a couple of weeks to unwind at home before taking another trip, this time by plane, to Fayetteville. There’s a whole bevy of uncles and an aunt as well that Robin has yet to meet, and I think he will be delighted. Now that Sam’s back at work and it’s just me and Robin during the day, he seems to be looking around, a bit fussy, as if to say: Where are all those nice people who loved me so much? Where did they go? I want them back!

4 Responses to “A Budding Gourmand”

  • Nanita Says:

    That’s probably exactly what he IS thinking, the little charmer. Does he use his teeth effectively when eating orange? Any new photos?

  • Nina Says:

    ahhh.. that’s why he was so fussy for that meal in Vegas… the boy wanted kobe hamburger!

    Bizzy nodded and said that she was not at all surprised that Robin is turning out to have a fine lusty palate, considering who his mama is.

  • shannon Says:

    Yes, he does chew! More pictures forthwith.

  • the anti-sara Says:

    I was very happy you guys were there, and promise not to be ill the next time I see you guys.

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