No morning sickness for the past two days! I think I’m cured. And I’m typing this at nine forty seven at night, which means the fatigue has gotten better too.

My baby books say that Junior is now the size of a peach. My waistline has expanded accordingly in the past two weeks—only one pair of pants still fit. My mom (“Nanita” to you, Junior) tells me that a package of maternity clothing is on its way. So that’s totally exciting!

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  • Nina Says:

    Little Peach! I am drinking a peach yogurt smoothie *right now*.

    Okay, that was gross.

    I am very glad that your MS has passed. I know you don’t like shopping in general, and shopping for clothes that you’ll only wear a few months in particular — but if you get desperate, I’ve heard good things about the Liz Lange line on

    I have not been thrifting in a while, but when I go I’ll def keep an eye out for you…

    “Nanita” is adorable!

  • Jessie Says:

    Aren’t fetuses (fetii?) fuzzy like peaches too, at some point?

  • shannon Says:

    They are! The fuzz is called “lanugo”. They also are covered in a layer of grease, called “vernix”. They are really very weird little critters. Their eyes start off on the sides of their heads and eventually migrate around. Their intestines start out *outside* the body, and in most cases are reabsorbed, although some babies are born with their guts still outside their bodies. (Modern medicine can deal with this pretty well when it happens.)

    Basically, babies are big freaks.

  • Jessie Says:


    I think “Lanugo” would be a good name for a boy band.

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