Six Months

Robin is six months old today!  We took a long walk this afternoon, enjoying the sunshine.  Robin doesn’t tend to attract quite as much attention in the stroller as he did when he was in the sling, but still there were three separate people who stopped to tell me what a handsome baby I have.

His next doctor’s visit is scheduled for Thursday, so I’ll post then with all his updated vitals.

3 Responses to “Six Months”

  • Nina Says:

    happy demi-birthday, little guy!

    does he like the stroller? it seems like it would well satisfy his “must be moving at all times” requirement.

    he’s like a shark, he is.

  • Nanita Says:

    “Handsome” is a word I get a lot when sharing Robin’s pictures with friends and relatives. Did he seem to like the attention yesterday, or is the stranger anxiety accelerating?

  • shannon Says:

    He was OK with the people yesterday, even gave the most persistent one a smile.

    He likes the stroller in small doses but gets fussy in it after a while–on our long walk we stopped in a secluded office-park nook and I offered to nurse him, but he wasn’t interested: he just wanted to be held for a little bit. The sling was really better than the stroller for keeping him happy, but it was killing my back.

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