Jan 6 2010

What’s for Dinner

This week our box seemed stuffed especially full: we got collard greens, a small head of lettuce, two kinds of kale (dinosaur and purple), broccoli rabe, arugula, two heads of bok choy, two savoy cabbages, a huge butternut squash (In January? Really?), and eleven naval oranges.

I’m planning to tackle the kale first, in bulgur salad with kale, salami, and olives. I’ll use both kinds of kale to make it extra colorful. Tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment to go to, so I want something quick and easy for dinner: I found a recipe on Cook’s Illustrated for a winter pesto incorporating parsley, arugula, and ricotta cheese, so I think I’ll try that over whole-wheat fusilli.

I have some leftover black-eyed peas, so I think I’ll make another pot of collard greens, bacon, and black-eyed peas on Friday. Maybe more cornbread too.

Saturday is my gaming day, so dinner will probably be leftovers: and then Sunday I’ll roast a chicken, and make a salad from the lettuce and broccoli. Then I can make stock from the bones for hot-and-sour soup with bok choy on Monday.

I’m going to try turning the cabbages into home-made sauerkraut (Alice Waters gives a recipe in the The Art of Simple Food that looks easy enough), and as for the squash, I know it will keep so I’m just going to kick that one down the line for a bit. We’ll eat the fruit straight, as usual, so that leaves only the broccoli rabe for Tuesday. I’m not sure it will keep in the crisper for that long, but assuming it still looks good, I’ll use it in either a frittata or a pasta dish.

Jan 5 2010

I Yub You

We’re back from Reno—Robin had a great time spending the weekend with his Nonna and Pappy and anti-Sara—and settling back into our daily routine. This morning Robin was playing in his box, and he just started laughing and laughing. I asked him what he was doing, and he said, “Choo choo!”

So I think he’s pretending the box is a train. I snapped a couple of quick pictures:

Later on in the day, I asked him, “Can you say ‘I love you’?” And he said “I yub you!” We’ve been working on this for a while and he’s getting better and better at it. It’s so great. I yub him so much.