Mar 2 2008

Who You Gonna Call?

Robin likes playing with the telephone because the buttons beep when he mashes them.

His tooth is halfway in now, but the really big news is that he’s figured out a form of locomotion. He doesn’t crawl yet, but by a combination of scootching along on his back and rolling from side to side, he can get pretty much anywhere he wants to go. Sadly, mostly where he wants to go is near electrical wires, so he can chew on them. Obviously this means we can’t take our eyes off him for a second.

He also really loves to play with plastic bags, because they make that great sound when you crumple and shake them. When one of our friends was taking medicine he threw his rattle to the ground and reached for the pill bottle instead. I think his ideal toy would be an electrified plastic bag full of glass shards and poison.